Proposals for discussion in Brussels

3.1 Purpose of questionnaire for the study

To cover gaps in the data on ICT concerning:

  • Mobility from low-wage jobs into higher paying ICT related jobs: a first analysis of the phenomenon can be made using the LFS surveys of each country. In Spain the data is free and available on the Internet (microdata). It would be a matter to quickly assess if the same is true of the Irish and Italian LFS. If this is not possible and/or as a complement to the analysis from existing survey data, our own survey would be too expensive so focus groups in each might be the best way to obtain at least qualitative data.
  • Soft skills needed for ICT jobs: this could be first through in-depth interviews or online questionnaires with human resource mangers. EV can share soft-skills list and questionnaire used in other projects, but IAL Veneto might already have this. This side approach can be complemented with the womenmobility portal as one of the tools will be gathering information on the ICT workers including a self-assessment of soft-skills.