Proposals for discussion in Brussels

3.2 Mobility portal tool

The tool will cover several aspects:

Information on ICT careers: information for each country in their own language on professional and technical ICT careers/occupations. Information required: soft skills required (we have already identified a database in Spain that does this); formal degrees required; other formal and informal training; public, private or self-employment opportunities; if the LFS data allows in all three countries (for Spain this is possible), ranking of ICT careers with relation to growth in the past 5 years, expected growth and pay.

Self-assessment on soft skills needed for ICT careers.

Information on mobility within ICT sectors or from other sectors into ICT sectors: this will give information on the positive aspects of mobility and give basic guidance (refer to other web-sites) on how to move to other firms. A list of pros and cons. Other issues related to mobility such as reconciliation of work and family life factors, adaptability, etc.