Introductory Report

The purpose of this introductory report, which may be edited and used in a later phase of the project as a general introduction to the study to be submitted to the Commission, is to give all the partners an overall vision of the state of play in the area of women and ICT mobility in the EU. In particular in the three partner countries: Spain, Italy and Ireland, as well as to serve as a concept paper to present our objectives and activities to the Commission in the first meeting with them as clearly and concisely as possible. The paper is structured in three main chapters: the first chapter is on the available statistics around the issues that we are aiming to analyse; which ones exist and which ones are missing. This initial section will perform an initial analysis of these statistics based on existing analysis and a first comparative analysis of the three countries in the project. The second chapter deals with the issues that emerge from the analysis relevant to our project (i.e. obstacle for women in ICT) and with basic issues around a theoretical framework. The third chapter contains a proposal on the content of the different activities based on the brief synthesis and analysis of the material reviewed for this report. It is important to point out at the outset that education figures have not been looked at nor analysed in much depth. This is, of course, an important issue that should also be covered by the report to be prepared by ITC-ILO. Here we wanted to concentrate more on the employment issues and we make reference to educational levels where relevant.