Country report: Spain


“Many people make the following association: Women=services and men=technology. Do you consider that this association harms, or not, the access that women have to the ICT sector?”

An overwhelming 60% of the women surveyed answered yes to this statement. In three cases there was no answer. Those that did not agree with this statement mostly felt that it was an outdated stereotype but did concede that it existed but was overcome through their own professionalism in the job performed. The following selected answers place the debate in the fact that the ICT sector is dominated by men, but that the technical and business knowledge that women have is key to reducing obstacles and destroying stereotypes.

“Yes, I consider that this association exists, and that you can definitely find more men working in technical occupations than women...but to be able to say that his idea harms the access of women to the technological sector would be, for me, a bit exaggerated” (34 years old, system analyst web designer).
“It does harm, but I believe that if a women has vocation for a profession in the ICT sector, this type of stereotypes ideas will not matter to her”( 34 years old, Technical assistant).
“I do not believe that it affects, in any case the use of the ICTs has much to do with services, at least in the case of an operator of telecommunications so, this association would be beneficial to access certain positions. But I have never witnesses a situation in which one could apply this associations [of ideas]” (33 years old, Senior R&D engineer).
“I had no idea of the existence of such an absurd association of ideas. I suppose that there are people who follow these ideas, but I don’t believe that this association of ideas harms women who actually want to accede to the ICT sector. I believe that the existing stereotypes in this sector are the same ones that exist in other sectors. Stereotypes are a common denominator in all European cities” (35 years old, technician in the health sector).