Country report: Spain

2.2.2 THE PAST

“Can you explain to us, in your own words, which has been your "labour history"? For example: what have you studied, changes from one work field to another, how did you began working in the field you are presently working in, etc.”

The analysis of the answers to this question leads to at least two interesting conclusions. In the first place, there is a high degree of formal and informal education obtained, and also work experience, which has led the women surveyed into the ICT sector. Second, those who are also entrepreneurs or freelance professionals come from both formal technical studies or have obtained these skills throughout their careers. In other words the sector is not closed to those who do not have specific formal training, which confirms the effects of the pervasiveness of the ICT technology in the modern world (see final project report). In all of the cases analysed the work history has had at least one episode of job to job mobility and in some cases up to 5 different jobs preceding the present one have been identified. In some cases the combination of ICT with the basic formal knowledge has been the vehicle to consolidate these women in a sector that they concede is dominated by men.