Country report: Spain


Would you move to another ICT profession? And, would you move to another ICT profession in another company?

In the upcoming future, what things or circumstances could develop into barriers to your Job to Job Mobility in the ICT sector?

In what way could you cope with the potential barriers?

This block of questions aimed at eliciting information on the personal possibility of moving to another ICT job, but also to contrast with answers in the previous blocks. As could be expected from the answers in the previous block, the issue of reconciliation of work and family life features prominently as one of the most important barriers. As to the first question, the sample is dived exactly in half: half would move to another ICT job and half would not. However among those who have answered no, in four cases this would have to be compared to the circumstances, mostly to the possibility of improving the present situation and the need to renew present technical knowledge. On the side of those who answered yes, it is interesting to note that in most cases the possibility of changing is linked to an improvement in working conditions and simply to a change of working environment (for example from the private to the public sector or vice versa).

As to the second question, again, one of the foreseen barriers is related to reconciliation of work and family life, but only in 30% of the cases and quite independently of their current civil status (married or single). On the other hand, the reasons given by those that do not see any barriers or that do not plan to move are more varied. In 35% of the cases the main barriers are having obsolete knowledge. In 20% of the cases no barriers are foreseen at all (including those that do not foresee to move).

The way to cope with the barriers was left mostly unanswered in the cases where no barriers were foreseen. In the other cases, the coping mechanism referred to was more training to deal with the possible technical updating needed to transit from one ICT job to another.